A paladin, resurrected by the Raven Queen, he passes final judgement on others while he strives to find what purpose his Queen has brought him back for.


Raised from birth to be a champion of Pelor, Dorn was always treated poorly for being a half-orc. He held fast to his orcish ancestry, and it proved to his advantage on the battlefield. He death was sudden, while his order fought back an undead army brought together by a group of necromancers. Dorn was overwhelmed and fell in battle, which is when his rebirth took place.

Although he had never seen her before, he knew the figure that stood before him to be the Raven Queen. She informed him that his time had not yet come, and he would have to live on for a while longer, to act in her name till his final destiny would come to pass.

When he awoke, he burned with a renewed vigor, and fought his way through the undead masses to kill the necromancers. It was only after his hard won victory that he found that a sword was still lodged in his chest.

Declared an abomination, those who he fought for turned against Dorn, forcing him to fight his way to freedom. Many died in his wake, but as time passed and the further he traveled, his old life left him and he became fully a knight of the Raven Queen. Now he travels the world, searching for his destiny and bringing judgement to those daring enough to attempt to defy their final call.


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